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Get to know more about Extended Health Benefits, Worksafe BC, MSP Premium Assistance, ICBC

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Does ICBC cover additional treatment sessions once I have completed the given amount?

This is at the discretion of ICBC.

They must approve any additional sessions

or extend the given treatment end date

if this goes beyond the standard three months.


A doctor’s referral is usually required, which recommends extending the treatments with reassessment reports. 

We will support our patients in the communication process for additional treatment approval to aid

in full recovery. It is important to note that any treatments not approved by ICBC will not be covered, and the patient will be responsible for the costs.



Extended health benefits vary from plan to plan and usually coverage for acupuncture therapy is between 70-100% of treatment fees. 

Patients may find details about their coverage from the insurance policy booklet or from HR department of the company they are working for. 


WL Acupuncture clinic can perform direct billing to ICBC for our acupuncture patients. Below are some details on how seeking treatment works as part of your ICBC claims.

[ The Necessary Steps to Recovery from an Auto Accident ]

Step 1: Call ICBC and file a claim

Contact ICBC to report your claim by phone at 604-520-8222

or use their easy-to-process online claim form.

An important point to note is that regardless of who is at fault

in an auto accident, all individuals involved can file a claim

with ICBC for treatment benefits.

You should then receive an insurance claim number which allows you

to begin receiving treatment from our acupuncturists once assessed.

Step 2: Contact us and get assessed by our acupuncturists.


Contact us to book your assessment once you receive your claim number.

Call us at 250-392-0153 or email us at

to set up your consultation.

Our acupuncturists will guide you through the process of your proposed treatments and the steps involved to get you on the road to recovery.

If you haven’t already consulted with your medical doctor, we will recommend this is also done when our treatment plan begins.

It is essential to be fully aware of all of your injuries suffered

in the auto accident before treatment.

Treatment must begin within 12 weeks of the accident date

otherwise, you will need to contact an ICBC claims adjuster.

Step 3: Begin your rehabilitation

Once ICBC approves your claim, your recovery treatment bills

are covered for the first 12 weeks of treatment.

If the nature or severity of your auto accident requires

your treatment plan to go beyond the initial 12 weeks,

our support staff will contact your ICBC claims adjuster to seek approval for continued treatment.

Medical Services Plan of BC (MSP) funding for acupuncture treatment is available for people receiving premium assistance. Not sure if you qualify for coverage? Don't worry, we will confirm this for you and let you know how many treatments you have remaining for the year. Please bring your care card

or personal health number with you

to your initial appointment.

A doctor's referral is NOT required. 


MSP pays for a combined annual limit

of 10 visits for acupuncture treatment.

MSP covers $23.00 per visit

and for your convenience,

we bills MSP directly.

You are charged for the balance

of the rest of your treatment rates.

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